There have been many famous magicians throughout time, each with their own style of magic and illusion. The types of magic they practice include mentalism, illusion and escapology. Some of the most famous magicians of all time include:

Alexander Hermann – Alexander, known on stage as ‘Hermann the Great’, is the epitome of magician in terms of style. He appeared on stage in a tailcoat with a top hat, wavy hair and a goatee.

Harry Houdini – One of the most well-known names in magic, Houdini was an escapologist extraordinaire. Harry was a very skilled lock pick and this helped him find his way out of straitjackets in unbelievably quick times. However, Houdini was aware that in order to remain successful, his tricks needed to keep getting bigger and better and to achieve this, he often used audience members as well as fake props to make his tricks more spectacular.

Paul Daniels – Paul Daniels was arguably the first successful TV magician. His own show entitled ‘The Paul Daniels Magic Show’ ran for 25 years, from 1979 – 1994. During this time, Daniels became as famous for his catchphrase, ‘You’ll like this…not a lot, but you’ll like it’ as he did the magic itself. He is also now married to his long-time glamorous assistant Debbie McGee.

Derren Brown – Derren Brown is a famous modern mentalist and mind-reader. His TV appearances include ‘Mind Control’ and ‘Trick or Treat’. Brown’s shows revolve around the audience or a specially chosen member of the public; he predicts or influences their thoughts and behaviours. Brown however does not claim to have any supernatural powers, on the contrary, he is a sceptic and attributes all of his ‘mind-reading’ to skills of suggestion and an in-depth knowledge of human psychology.

Dynamo – Dynamo is a Bradford born street and close-up magician; he has also completed some big illusions such as walking across the surface of the River Thames. Dynamo is in current demand from celebrities and venues worldwide and is one of the most successful modern magicians. His TV series, Magician Impossible, has run for two seasons and seen him entertain the likes of Will Smith, Natalie Imbruglia and Rio Ferdinand.

This is a small selection of some of the most famous and well-known magicians of all time; of course, there are many others we could have mentioned, but this gives you a broad spectrum of the different skills which magicians possess.